Getting from Porto Alegre Airport to the City Centre

Porto Alegre – Salgado Filho Airport (POA) is the gateway to the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The airport is located about 10 kilometres (6 miles) from the city centre.

Porto Alegre Airport is the third largest airport in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro – Galeão Airport and São Paulo – Guarulhos Airport.

It’s one of the main hubs for Gol Airlines, with connections to southern Brazil and to international destinations such as Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

Here are your options to get to and from Porto Alegre Airport.

By subway/train (metrô/trem)

There is only one metrô line in Porto Alegre, which many would call a trem (train) because it runs exclusively on the surface. This line connects the Mercado in central Porto Alegre and Novo Hamburgo; on the way, there’s the Airport station. However, the station is not right at the airport, but it’s easy to get there. Just take the Aeromóvel, which is free, between the airport terminal and the subway station.

To get to central Porto Alegre, take the metrô, direction Mercado. It’s only 3 stops to the bus station (Rodoviária), and one more to the Mercado station, both of which are located in the city centre. The journey takes 10-15 minutes, and a single ticket costs R$ 4.20. The service runs between 5am and 11.25pm, with a frequency of about 15 minutes.

By bus (ônibus)

Local buses run between the airport and the city centre through lines B09 (Aeroporto / Iguatemi Consórcio: Conorte) and B091 (Aeroporto / Iguatemi / Anchieta Consórcio: Conorte). Fares cost R$ 4.20. For updated information, see

There are regular buses running between the airport and Serra Gaúcha – Gramado and Canela operated by Citral Tur. Tickets are an average of R$ 56.25 and can be purchased from VEPPO, the company’s counter at the airport. Buses depart from the 2nd floor of Terminal 1 by the the access door to the Garage building. For updated information, see

By taxi

Taking a taxi or Uber is your best option if you travel with two or more pieces of luggage. There are two types of taxi at Porto Alegre Airport. The red taxis are all over the city, while the white taxis serve only the airport. The latter are considered more reliable but may be slightly more expensive. Expect to pay between R$ 25 and R$ 50 depending on the type of taxi.

By Uber

You can take an Uber in Porto Alegre. You need a smartphone to access the Uber app. Depending on your destination, there’s a chance an Uber ride may cost less than a cab ride.


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