How to Get from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Frankfurt City Centre

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) in Germany is used by budget airlines, mostly Ryanair but also Wizz Air.

Described enticingly as a “Frankfurt” airport, Hahn Airport is actually 125 kilometres / 78 miles west of the city!

Taking the bus is your best option (at least, the cheapest and most comfortable). Of course, taxis and private shuttles are also available, but because they’re so expensive, you should consider this option only if you’re travelling in a small group.

The bus service is provided by Flibco in partnership with Bohr Omnibus (and it’s sometimes called the Ryanair bus). There are about 20 buses throughout the day between Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and Frankfurt’s main train station, or Hauptbahnhof. The journey takes around two hours.

Find the bus at stop 14 in front of terminal B of Hahn Airport. At Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, look for the “Ryanair / Bohr” stop located south of the station.

If you book online, tickets are announced from €5. However, the normal price is €17 one way (or €20 if you buy the ticket from the driver).

How to Get from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Luxembourg

Thanks to its location, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is also used by some travellers whose final destination is Luxembourg city, located about 120 kilometres / 75 miles from there.

The Flibco bus that runs the regular service between Frankfurt-Hahn and Luxembourg city centre (Gare Centrale) is actually the same that comes from Frankfurt city. The ticket to Luxembourg also costs €17 online, and €20 on the bus. The journey takes approximately two hours.


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