How to Get to Cape Verde: Package Holidays and Flights

Cape Verde is within easy reach with a package holiday or an island hopping itinerary organised by travel agents, which includes flights, airport transfers, and hotel.

Buying a package holiday is the most practical, and sometimes cheaper, option to visit Cape Verde.

However, you can also travel independently, arranging your holiday yourself, and booking your flights and accommodation separately.

Package Holidays and Island Hopping Itineraries

Travel agents offer year-round holiday deals for the islands of Sal and Boavista, with stay on either a bed and breakfast or an all-inclusive basis. The prices vary according to the hotel category, board basis, and travel dates.

UK travellers should check out First Choice and loveholidays for all-inclusive getaways in Cape Verde, which cover flights, accommodation, transfers, and three meals a day as standard.

Also available are island hopping itineraries that allow holidaymakers to visit several islands in a single trip. As an example, the Barlavento trio is an 8-day itinerary that covers the main attractions on Sal, Santiago and São Vicente. Another offer is an 8-day itinerary that combines markets, nightlife and music on São Vicente, stunning mountain scenery and hiking trails on Santo Antão, and relaxing beach on Sal.

Flights to Cape Verde

Cape Verde has international airports on the islands of São Vicente, Sal, Boavista and Santiago (Praia), with connections to America and Europe. The following are direct flights available from European cities to Cape Verde:

  • Cabo Verde Airlines and TAP offer daily direct flights from Lisbon, Portugal, to São Vicente, Sal, Boavista and Praia (Santiago).
  • TUIfly has cheap direct flights from Brussels and various German cities to Sal and Boavista, once or twice a week.
  • From the UK, TUI offers non-stop flights twice a week to Sal and Boavista.
  • Blue Panorama offers a low cost direct flight from Milan, Italy, to Sal once a week.

Island Hopping

Recently, Binter Cape Verde became the company that operates domestic flights within the archipelago, providing air connections between its islands. The service covers the seven islands that have airports: Santiago, Sal, São Vicente, Boavista, Fogo, Maio, and São Nicolau.

There are also ferry services between the islands of Cape Verde, provided by several independent companies. Depending on the distance, the boat connection usually takes longer but the price is generally lower than flying. However, delays and cancellations in ferry services are common.


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