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The Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Norway

Discover things to do and places to see in Norway, a country of mountainscapes and fjords that claims to be one of the happiest places on earth. Norway is a country to be explored in any season – during winter to witness the northern lights and in summer to enjoy the midnight sun.


Norwegian Fjords: A Quick Travel Guide

Discover things to do and places to see with this travel guide to the Norwegian mountains, glaciers and fjords. Tips, itineraries, cruises and where to see the midnight sun and the northern lights, when to go, and where to stay.


Where to Stay in Norway – A Choice of 6 Hotels

Here’s a choice of six hotels in prime locations to explore Norway’s top attractions, including Oslo, Bergen and the Norwegian fjords, the Lofoten Islands, and also Alta, one of the best places to see the northern lights.


The Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Oslo

Discover things to do and places to see in Oslo, Norway. Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of the Oslofjord and the green, forested hills, Oslo is a relaxed and easygoing capital city with a historic centre, museums, and several parks and islands to explore.