Terceira Airport Transfers: From the Airport to your Hotel

Terceira / Lajes Airport (TER) is located on the northeast of this Azorean island, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) from its capital, Angra do Heroísmo.

The Azores are an increasingly popular destination. SATA Azores Airlines has direct nonstop flights from Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), Boston – Logan and Oakland (US), and Toronto – Pearson (Canada) to Terceira Airport.

Once there, you have a few ways to travel between the airport and your hotel. Here are the options.


EVT offers a bus service that connects the town of Praia da Vitória and Angra do Heroísmo, stopping on its way at the airport. Note that the bus stop is located in the departure area.

The service runs every day, and the trip takes roughly 50 minutes. The ticket costs €2.95. There are a few buses throughout the day, but do check the timetable at www.evt.pt (“Horário Aeroporto – Angra do Heroísmo” when arriving, and “Horário Angra do Heroísmo – Aeroporto” when returning).


Taxis line up outside the arrivals area. A ride between the airport and Angra de Heroísmo takes 20 minutes, and should cost about €20.

Car Hire

Renting a car is actually the best option to explore Terceira Island. You can rent a car upon arrival at the airport and follow our suggested itinerary:

Terceira Island, Azores: What to Do and See

To get the best deal, check the websites and compare prices from some of these local rent-a-car companies: 296 Rent-a-Car, Angrauto, Autatlantis, AutoRamalhense, GoldCar, Island 3, Ilha 9, Ilha Verde, Rentangra.


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